the mEp
a p r i l     2001
Lyrics of Life

May Poles
monday, april 30 2001
"are your taxes stamped"
creativity and life energy are being spent on new kitchen spaces, wide open places, seeking new faces and choosing a new car.

weather coming, i believed that the spring would bring warmth. warmth of patio stones, warmth of riding my bike to work, and warmth of barbaquing steaks on the Q.

coffee is brewed; poots is still stewing; not much is doing, i'm in the new space.

which       car       should      poots        choose       ?

saturday, april 28 2001

"If the human brain was simple enough for us to understand, we'd be so simple, we couldn't understand." - anon

Beeritania has not evolved. We are not sure where it's going.

theoretically, they're just acting whilst avoiding thinking. theoretically, that is.

sunday, april 22 2001

if i spoke out in the truest terms, how i actually feel - if i could - about these holocausts; would they crucify me and make movies about me? I guess i have no reason to believe otherwise and no good guesses about what else might be going on that futuristic events might deem entertaining, wrong, or worthy of recalling.

thursday, april 12 2001

i'm disconnected; radio, stereo, long distance calls and the television simultaneously don't help. i'm here, alone with everyone. you're here, we're here, we're all here alone together.

how much noise surrounding us can make us feel not alone? at home? how many emails,
how many phone calls?/ how much turkey can remind us of the old thick light bulbs on the chirstmas tree, the ones that never broke that we couldn't afford to replace anyways even though when one burnt out it didn't ruin the entire string?

this is an amazing excercise. because when you sound like this you just remind yourself of all your disconnected friends and of all the things your friends say they will do and never do. how many barbaques can a person promise?

that all only generally surmises how i feel, only vaguley takes one side of this life coin and presents it for face value: The coin is actually gold on one side and tin on the other. because the gold side cries on the plane while listening to
"we were strangers, starting out on a journey, never knowing what we'd have to go through; and here we are, and i'm suddenly standing, at the beginning with you....At the End, I want to be At the Beginning with You" and you sit there realizing that the end will come and you realize that you don't want the end to come and what the heck is the bad joke anyways...

wednesday, april 11 2001

i feel the fragileness of life in my bones; it brings me places that some don't dare, it won't let me watch too much TV, and some times it just means i lie in bed, holding on.

internal bubblies;
someone turn on the heat around here;
shivers in april
little poots needs to be warm.
i can't dive into my coffee, the mug is big, but it might sting abit.

tuesday, april 10 2001
easter lillies bloomed while i was away
painful aches tell me internal clocks are being fought; there's actually an excitement in that that i never thought i'd know and that i still don't, really.

monday, april 09 2001

even KD can't explain why i've become miss eDESK....


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