december 1997
november 1997
october 1997
rooted in civility /
september 1997
trapsing across continents /
xlanded for a millisecond /
coming full circle /
angst rustling up my nerves /
a resignation letter /
no global emails /
rustic scrape and freeing spirit /
what caffeine will chase away /
with every lesson learned a line upon your beautiful face /
3,000 miles away and 3,000 miles apart /
getting to the next step /
     a n x i o u s      a n x i o u s     a n x i o u s
spin around because /
this isn't real anyway /
run, poots /
slip away with grace, poots /
blow me a kiss

August 1997:

Many E-plausabilities
no scary dogs /
braiding our hair together /
brownie points in heaven /
what has influenced me has created me /
i'm alive /
the pink bubblegum radio and shoesa revisted /
keeping simplicity to yourself /
pain vs. pain /
listening to non-noise /
becoming conservative /
laughin' now /

july 1997
which part of life don't i understand? /
the usual references /
a place i must refer to as the past /
woof. bark bark / i am writing a song /
i'm a non-scheduler / a leaving poem /
i have faults /

June 97
My Everlasting Prosec
hoosing choices /
choosing the worn path /
i must like it here /
sharing just this moment /
i must believe in God /
pray for the little things sometimes feeling slotted /
what has passed has passed /
goodbye 4855/

May 97
Many Eclipsing Panoramics
the grabbing of life /
groggy me /
things for K /
romance on every corner/
responsible for this life thing /
what becomes the point? /
guidelines for life? /
which windows? /
back for the bottom /
which cream is less sour /
they don't even want to be noticed in traffic /
april 18-28 1997:
vacation mep
learning to smile / no magic here /
i will pass this way, but once /
anything in life can be our guide /
enjoying criss-crossed paths /
passion wins /

April 1997:
More Extroverted Previews
thoughts crashing into one another /
who the heck ever thought i'd get somewhere like here /
if you don't say it they won't know /
canyons, mountains, and parking lot fights /
stoic analysis without real change /
memories of sepulveda boulevard /
the scariest signature /
keeping joy within does not free it for sharing /
your dreams define you /

it's a cruel joke...
the mEp ... my Electronic pen . . . 1998
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i win against myself 
i choose to lose
i keep a score;
the battle risks
are great
but must be played
or weighed,
no more. 
    watch with me