the mEp 1996


Noel 1996: Many Evolving Principles
A brief time to ponder.

December 1996: My Errant Path
evolving together / doggy mood swings / altruism / sun greetings /
building and chipping / exhaustion of greed / lump of mushy /
maybe misunderstood / anger...

Second half of November 1996: My Eventual Past
Websy Websy Websy / cave living / relative peace /
looking ahead into history today's ART / Another cliche /
emptiness says more / what we create...

First half of November 1996: My Examples Project
Words are Us / Leaving the i's small / A little girls' voice /
lineage Calling Occupants / Different for Girls / Dancing with Ramona...

October 1996: The Inception of My Electronic Pen
Lyrics of Life / Watch with Me / Another Death Dream /
Telling everybody what they want to hear...

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"Before you learn how to do something, you must first learn that you can do it"

"If you plan your life very carefully, all you will ever achieve are those plans"

"We've spent our life choosing choices, and little else"


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